San Antonio TABC Training Class

San Antonio Bartending School offers the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commissions' state certification online for our students, 318 E. Nakoma Ste. 102, 78216 through Alamo Training, or downtown at 1515 W. Martin, 78207.  Classes are offered at various times and days.  Call ahead to get the latest class availability 210-404-2526 for E. Nakoma location or 210-444-1030 for W. Martin location. The fee is $25.00 per person.

TABC certification is not required by state law to bartend or serve, but it is highly recommended. The State of Texas offers "Safe Harbor" to liquor establishments that are cited for a violation if all of their staff are TABC Certified.

TABC provides restrained administrative cases for establishments if they require all their employees to be TABC certified. This has caused the majority of liquor serving establishments to require this training for all of their staff. This course will provide the student with comprehensive knowledge of Texas Alcohol laws pertaining to sales to minors and intoxicated patrons.  The cost is $25.00 per attendee.  The TABC certification is good for 2 years and does not transfer out of state.

We offer TABC Certification classes to our students and to the public. We offer TABC Certification classes to our students and to the public.
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San Antonio, Texas 78230
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