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Our San Antonio, Texas Bartending School:

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our school!  The San Antonio Bartending School is  locally-owned, family-owned, and has been in the same family since 1999, we are from here.

Our school is part of The Professional Bartending Schools of America, the largest, most respected bartending schools in the country. Our website is an EXCELLENT reflection on how we run our school. 

If you are seriously considering one of the world's oldest professions', and making $15.00-$30.00 an hour is appealing to you, you need to come by the school for a tour!  It Only takes 30 minutes and you will have a better understanding of what we actually do here and about the bartending profession.  San Antonio Bartending School offers multiple training options to fit your needs and budget. 


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The San Antonio bartending school has been remodeled and looks Awesome! Classes start on Mondays but you must pre-register to have a seat saved for you. All new students starting class will need to arrive one (1) hour prior to class time on the first Monday.

Our San Antonio Bartending School is approved by the Texas Workforce Commission.

San Antonio Bartending StudentFor those of you that are serious about getting the most thorough training available, and getting a return on your investment and actually getting a bartending job, text us now 210-967-4600.  Getting the best education, means getting the best bartending jobs!  

San Antonio Bartending School offers multiple training options, depending on your needs and your budget! We only require $150.00 to get started in your first class!  Come by the school for a tour so we can explain the different training options for you!


We have been approved by the DoD(Department of Defense) for military spouse training through the MyCAA(Military Spouse Career Advancement Account) program. To find our more information click here or to get started click here.  Call or text 210-967-4600 the school for more information!

Professional Bartending School is centrally located on the north side at IH10 and 410.  The facilities are 1,300 square feet of office space and classroom space, AND WE JUST REMODELED THE ENTIRE CLASSROOM!  San Antonio Bartending School believes in having the most cutting edge program available in the nation.  Which is why we train all students on the ALOHA POINT OF SALE SYSTEMS(TOUCH SCREEN CASH REGISTERS).  This training is almost mandatory for you to get a great bartending job.  San Antonio Bartending school offers TABC/Food Handlers Permit for our Premier/Mixology students through our online university, or if you would like to take the TABC Class in person, we are partnered with Alamo Training(318 E. Nakoma, 78216).  Professional Bartending School offers a 2 hour wine certification course and a 2 hour Beer and Spirits course through Vino101!

School of the Year AwardBreaking News!
Congratulations to the Professional Bartending School of San Antonio, and their staff on receiving the Affiliate School of the Year Award. The award was presented to Rachel Burdett, at the Professional Bartending Schools of America Leadership Conference in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida. ...........PBSA Inc.

 At the Professional Bartending School we are are concerned about these key principles:

1)  Having the most up-to-date materials, making sure the students have fun, and learn the material.

2)   Working with EVERY graduate until they have a job they LOVE!

3)  Having multiple training options and affordable payment arrangements. 

Most of our graduates make their tuition back within 1 to 2 weeks of working.


San Antonio Bartending school has multiple instructors because we feel this is an investment for you and us.  Our 4 licensed instructors have at least (9) nine years of bartending experience, and most of us still bartend.  We feel the better product we produce, the better we both look.   Check out some of our reviews from past graduates!  So exactly how long is bartending school?

After successfully completing our Premier/Mixology program, you will receive a Certificate of Mixology and lifetime, local, national, and online job placement assistance.  All graduates are immediately eligible for job placement assistance through Professional Bartending Services, Bartenders4you, and Haute Cocktails. Our San Antonio bartender school has been placing bartenders in San Antonio and surrounding areas in great jobs for the past 15 years!  Come by and see why over 5,500 graduates chose us to start their bartending career!

The Professional Bartending School has partnered with Aloha Point of Sale Systems(POS), Alamo Training, Iron Bartender Live, Texas Restaurant Association(San Antonio Chapter), Professional Bartending Services, Vino101, AND!


Why should you be a bartender???

  • You get to go out every night you work and GET PAID CASH!
  • Premier/Mixology graduates are immediately eligible for private events through Professional Bartending Services, Haute Cocktails, and Bartenders4you.
  • You can work flexible hours. As little as once a month!
  • There is currently a shortage of bartenders, we have jobs waiting on you now!.
  • Meet new people.
  • Work in strange and exotic places any where in the world.
  • Make your tuition back within one to two weeks of working!
  • Get trained with us in just 2 short weeks and be able to work anywhere.
  • Come's a fun job!
  • You get to people watch every night.
  • You can make $15-30 per hour(tips plus hourly pay).
  • We currently have over 60 job openings!
  • We work with all graduates until they get a job!
  • When people ask what you do, you get to say you're a "bartender"!
  • Did I mention CASH???

Our bartender school graduates average $15-$30(hourly plus tips) right out of school.  Our bartenders working for Professional Bartending Services make $25.00 per hour, per bartender, for private parties, minimum of 4 hours, plus tips on top!  Our bartenders average $200 per private party(sometimes more), work 3-4 events and make your tuition back!  The return on your investment is awesome!  There is NO OTHER TRAINING out there, where you can make your money back within 2 weeks of working!  Our bartending school compared to other schools (ex. cosmetology school, traditional college, culinary school) is a BARGAIN!  Plus the training is typically 2 weeks, NOT months or years.  So how much is bartending school??  Come by the school today for a free tour, you have nothing to lose!

NEED TO HIRE ONE OF OUR BARTENDERS??  Professional Bartending Services

Take the time to check out all of our pages and then TAKE THE NEXT STEP! Request more information on our San Antonio bartending school or call 210-967-4600/1-800-BARTEND or text 210-967-4600 us today, and we will show you how we can help you get started in your new bartending career!

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