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Exactly what is the difference between a bartender and a mixologist? Almost anyone can be a bartender, open a beer, pour a jack and coke.  To be a Mixologist you have to know more than the basics.  Mixologist's are trained in product knowledge, customer service, up-selling, brand identification, substitutes for products, what things taste like.  A Mixologist can make a drink with only knowing what the drink tastes like and what color it is, not even knowing the name!  San Antonio Bartending School offers multiple classes depending on how much training you want.  Our most popular class is the Premier/Mixology Class.  The Premier Class is the maximum amount of training so you can work anywhere and make the most money. Classes will be either one week, two week, or flexible schedule.

Popular cream drinks

  poular highballs   Sours and Margaritas
Frozen/Blended Drinks
  Popular Highballs   Sours and Margaritas
Traditional Martinis   Today's Hottest Shooters   Exotic Tall Drinks
  SA's Hottest Shooters   Tall/Tropical Drinks
Budweiser Training Program   Guinness Beer Program   Wine Class
Budweiser Training Program   Guinness Beer Program   Vino 101 Wine Class

The graduates of our Premier/Mixology Class will learn all the standard drinks, the ones that have been around a long time that every bartender should know how to make. Drinks range from the traditional Martini & Cosmopolitan, to the ever popular Long Island Ice Tea. In addition, the student will learn beer, wine, responsible alcohol service and professional customer service techniques. The school also uses the Anheuser-Busch "Beertender" training program and the Guinness Beer "Perfect Pour" training program.  Professional Bartending School has partnered with Aloha Point of Sale Systems(touch screen cash registers).  The training is included with our Premier/Mixology class.  We also offer TABC certification on site so you are ready to go to work right away once you graduate.


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