Latest Graduate News !

  • Yolanda G. started bartending at Costa Pacifica with one of our other grads Ryan B.  Great location and great place to mix cocktails.
  • Interested in doing private events?? Megan that owns Haute Cocktails, has hired Stephen W. to help her out with up coming events.
  • Cheryl C. got hired at Lion Rose Pub in Alamo Heights! Great job and great place to make some $$$$$!

  • Congratulations to Shawn H. who is no longer “FOR HIRE”.  He’s working for Cobalt.  Use your flair!!!

  • Sabrina L. landed a Bartending job @ Tonic bar in medical center on the same day she had her job placement appointment! Wasn't even on our list! Way to go!

  • Congrats to Kate H. just got her first gig this evening doing a private party in St. Louis!!!

  • Way to go Ben F. landing the bartending job at La Paloma Norte!  Great place to make some money on the north side!  Let us know your schedule so we can make sure your making your drinks correctly! ;)
  • Ryan B. got hired at Costa Pacifica!  Go seem him at Blanco and 1604. SUPER NICE Place and great location!

  • Another GREAT bartender lands a job close to home! Congrats Amber N. for getting hired at Cha-Cha's in Helotes;)
  • Jeremy got two bartending jobs, Forest Waters Country Club and Main Event Entertainment. Kim got hired at Costa Pacifica! Way to go;)

  • Good Job Vito C. bartending since last Friday! Thanks for letting us know you landed a bartending job;)

  • Gayla A. and Josh A. are holding down the hottest venue in the “cowboy capital of the world” Bandera, Texas. Both are bartending at the Bandera Tavern.
  • Way to go Jocelyn W. for filling the bartender position at Quality Inn and Suites!! Also Congratulations to Brad S. getting hired at Bartenders4you and Party Staffing!

  • Check out several of our bartenders at Main Event, David B. and Eric S.  Can’t wait to stop by and visit you guys!
  • Congratulations to John F. who is now bartending at Big Lou’s Pizza!
  • There is a whole gaggle of graduates working for one of our owners that has multiple bars.
  • Cheryl C. got hired at Lion Rose Pub in Alamo Heights! Great job and great place to make some $$$$$

  • Way to go to Valerie S. getting her job at Cootey's Tavern!
  • Another newly graduated bartender got hired downtown at the Riverwalk at Mi Tierra!! Congrats to Albert E.
  • More working grads...Janay H. got hired at Holiday Inn, Jospeh G. got hired at Lounge 281..way to go!!

  • Zaid A. is now working at Hilton Hill Country Resort and Spa!  Nice first bartending job!! Way to go!
  • Congrats to our recently graduated and now working bartender, Andrew V.  He went from noobie to Lead Bartender at Genghis Grill in 1.2 days!
  • Check out Jerry M., our Flair instructor at Area 31 on Fridays and Saturdays!
  • Jackie S. is slinging drinks at Deol Bar.  Congratulations on getting hired in record time!
  • Hurricane’s Grill and Wings is expanding to San Antonio from Florida!  The first of 8 locations in the area just hired Basil and Ryan G.  Good job getting in in the beginning of this successful chain!
  • Jennifer D. is serving up drinks at Club Space Downtown!  Nice place to start your bartending career!  On the Riverwalk!
  • Jordan and Justin S.(not twins) both got hired asap to work for Mike P. Mike has 7 bars around San Antonio.  Jordan is starting off downtown at the Gulch.
  • Congratulations to recently employed bartender Roni L. for getting hired at Three Rivers Bar!;)
  • Chuck W. got hired at Halftime Lounge in Live Oak! Good luck Chuck!;)

  • Parker C. came all the way from Oklahoma to take our Premier Class and just landed his first bartending job in OK at Wyndham Casino! Great Job!
  • David B. just got promoted to bartender at Olive Garden after his manager found out he completed our course!;) Way to go!

  • Congrats to our newest bartender Paige R. getting hired at Big Mo's on the Riverwalk!
  • Another happy graduate got hired at Hurricane’s Grill and Wings.  Congratulations Sam H.!!
  • Congratulations to Courtney A. Got trained with us and already had a job lined up at the Officer's Club on Ft. Sam Houston!

  • Even our Regular Bartending class graduates get hired quickly. Go see Alan G. at Michelino’s downtown on our beautiful Riverwalk! Say Hi to Jorge J. and Frankie while your there!
  • Congratulations to Alyssa M. bartending downtown at Fresno Bar and Krystallyn O. who is serving up drinks at the 1909 Bar(rumoured to be haunted) downtown! Way to go ladies;)
  • If your going downtown, stop in the Riverwalk Plaza and visit Sam. V. Just got hired today! Great job!

  • Check out Chuck, Michael, Anthoni, Matt working at The Fizz, Cobalt, Eagle Gulch.
  • Our newest working bartender Erika H. will be starting at Spanky's on the northeast side.

  • Russ C. Got hired on with Bartenders4you to do private events! Just biding his time till he moves to Hawaii...must be nice. Congrats to you!

  • Congrats to Andrea B. got hired at Faulker's Pub-Great Job!!
  • 2 more recent grads got bartending jobs! Robert A. at Hotel Indigo and Brian H. at Club Space downtown! Way to go;)
  • Joe W. got hired today at Rod Dog's Saloon! Great job Joe! We make things happen around here!!
  • Congratulations to Jeanne T. for landing a bartending job in Victoria at the Golden Gecko!

  • Bartenders4you sure is BUSY! They hired another bartender, Anita S., to do private parties!!

  •  Congratulations to Deon B. Getting hired on in New Braunfels at Casa Garcia Mexican Restaurant and Cantina!
  • Lauren P. just got hired at Joey G’s Sports Bar!  Way to go Lauren, was that 1 day of job hunting??? We will be visiting you in the very near future!


Add A Testimonial
Darvin L Phillips Jr
2016-12-13, 23:00
If you are looking for a professional environment to learn, and some of the greatest people you will ever come across, look no further! Rachel, Larry, and Theresa are knowledgeable, take the time to ensure you learn the material, and are flexible in understanding! There is no cookie cutter approach here, true live learning experience, whether you have some bartending experience, or just getting started. I could not be more pleased with my experience, and it far exceeded my expectations!
Breen Heath
2016-12-01, 15:04
This course is fast paced, and extremely informative. Teaching you the tips, tricks, and basics of bar tending you wouldn't be able to get just by working on the job. The instructors settled fears on things that could go wrong, as well as giving helpful advice from their personal experiences. They taught me not to sweat the small stuff, and to just be confident in yourself. I hope to be back to complete the full 2 week course. The fact that they help with job placement, and give you time to practice at the bar is huge.
So far i have already been making mix drinks at home, and have even been learning new ones. This course was amazing and i would take it again in a heartbeat.

Keep up the great work, we need more educators like you!
Anthony DeHoyos
2016-11-09, 17:35
The class was great and I enjoyed it, I really learned a lot of useful information, the teachers where very nice and help you every step of the way.
Ron McLaurin
2016-10-07, 12:22
Going to the Premier Mixology Course was the best thing I did. Prior to attending the class I thought I was pretty good, then I quickly realized the "I didn't know what I didn't know!" The instructor was great and walked us through every drink and then insured we had plenty of practice time to perfect our skills. I graduated yesterday and the School's Job Placement helped me get job working a private party tomorrow while I continue to use their site to find the best place to work on a part time basis... Over 60 Job listing around town.
Guy Allen Sanders
2016-09-29, 17:19
Wrapped up the full two week course. What a great environment and continuing education resource. The SA Bartending school does it right with a very friendly staff that is willing to work with and adjust to all learning levels.

As a business owner, I intend to make this my goto resource for all my Bartending staffing and education.
Farhan H.
2016-09-22, 21:19
I moved to San Antonio recently and decided to to finally pursue bartending. PBSA was an amazing place to start. The staff members are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The class is well priced and you surprise yourself by how much you learn in two weeks. Theresa as my instructor and she was a spot on. The job placement is also great and helped me secure a job within a week. It's two weeks! Take the time, put some effort in and go out their and interview and you should have no problem in becoming a bartender.
Jaime Leon
2016-08-31, 12:45
PBSA in San Antonio is excellent in training, job placement, and support. I graduated as a mechanical engineer, worked for a while as an engineer then moved on to find a better work environment. Completed the two-week mixology course and got a job within a few days at a bar in a top restaurant. I'm going to start in a few days and really excited to have a job where I can meet new people every day! Thanks to all the staff at bar tending school of San Antonio!
Michelle L Gastelum
2016-08-25, 22:47
Staff is helpful, Teresa was an AWESOME teacher, Larry was very informative and Rachel was flexible with my crazy life schedule. THANK YOU ALL for EVERYTHING and helping me achieve another goal.
Alaya W
2016-08-17, 09:29
Wow, Amazing, Incrediable, Outstanding, are words that fall just a little bit short about this school. They are just everything you are looking for in school. From the actual classroom being an actual bar scence, the useful extra information you learn that you wouldn't get anywhere else! This school will help you learn and expand your knowledge about mixology!! The instructors will work with you, they allow you to come back to the school anytime you want to practice your mixology skills! Not to mention they will WORK WTIH YOU to find the job that you absolutely fits YOU! I believe that if you are really interested in exploring this school I suggest you contact Rachel at the school and she'll give you the tour just like me! Great School!!
2016-07-18, 22:50
I had the most amazing experience. The staff are so welcoming and they will help you through each step of the way, even when it comes to finding a job. This was a great choice for me and my fiance! Thanks again!
2016-06-27, 11:45
Awesome school!!! Everyone is awesome, they want to see you succeed
and go above and beyond to make sure you do. From teaching you what you need to know to their job placement assistance and even after (you can come back to get practice even after your done!!). It was an awesome experience and I'd recommend this school to any body interested in learning!!!!
2016-05-28, 12:14
I took the two week course a couple of years ago, and to this day still know I can call Rachel and get top notch help when it comes to any training questions or looking around for a new job.

The true value of PBSA San Antonio is in the long term commitment the team has toward their customers/trainees. Thanks guys.
Erika Ortega
2016-04-25, 20:36
Bar like setting made a fun learning experience. I enjoyed being able to practice as much as needed to feel comfortable making drink recipes. All the instructors were fun and easy to understand. I feel they have giving me the tools to be successful as a bartender. Worth every penny spent.
Gerald Gondolfo
2016-04-14, 13:14
All of the staff were great! Rachel, Larry, and Theresa all are ready to guide you along your education process. In addition, they also offer you little hints about the industry, and how to handle yourself when finding employment. I really think everything involving the course was above standard. Thanks everyone at PBSS!
Jose Maya
2016-04-04, 10:17
Thanks for everything, I really appreciate what I've learned from you guys. I especially want to say thank you to Teresa, Rachel and Larry. I really enjoyed the time I spent in school, I feel it was very valuable. The staff was very nice, understanding, excellent teachers. Five Stars!!
2016-03-23, 18:56
I walked into this school thinking I was just learning a new way to make some extra money, instead I actually walked away feeling I had obtained a New Skill that could enable me to do much more. AND the icing on the cake is the incredible staff. They ALL are awesome! Highly Recommend!!!
2016-03-01, 09:24
had an awesome experience at the Bartending School here in San Antonio. The staff was great and learning was actually fun! It almost went by too fast. I recommend it to anyone who wants true bartending knowledge and experience!!
2016-01-29, 02:51
I learned so much so fast! The nicest people work here, its a great, fun, learning environment!
NaLanai Isom
2015-12-29, 12:02
Everyone was so welcoming, helpful, informative, extremely nice and funny! The course itself was so much fun. I love the class room because it feels like you're in an actual bar. Two weeks ago, I knew nothing about bartending, but now I feel extremely comfortable about being behind a bar, and I love being versatile in making different types of drinks. Even when i felt nervous and afraid, the energy, assistance, and support from my instructors calmed me down. They kept telling me I had nothing to worry about because as long as I showed my dedication, they would math it 100%. I am so glad that I took this course!
2015-11-29, 13:14
This bartending school is extremely informative and beneficial. You not only learn how to be successful in specific venues, but rather multiple ones. I would recommend to ANYONE wanting to be a bartender to go to attend this bartending school!
Lane Ferguson
2015-09-30, 07:11
Just completed the premiere mixology course, and was very satisfied with the instruction. I went in with little to no bar knowledge and came out ready to serve up the sauce baby
Tricia M.
2015-08-03, 13:39
I immensely enjoyed attending the Premier Mixology course! The instructors are very knowledgeable and the facility is awesome!
Gabriela Gonzales
2015-08-01, 02:41
I highly recommend attending this school! Staff was very helpful and I couldn't believe how much I learned in just one week. I had no previous experience of bartending and felt very confident in finding a job with the skills I learned after completing the one week course.
Kayla Mendez
2015-07-22, 16:02
The school and staff are absolutely amazing, helpful, comedic, and highly highly professional! I came into the class knowing nothing of bartending and I left ready to take on the world!! Well, the world of bartending, that is. I've made some lasting friendships through the school, and gained so much knowledge, just within 2 weeks! The facilities are also fantastic. Working behind a real, fully stocked bar in a supportive and encouraging environment is truly the only way to prepare for the real deal. Attending the school is one of best investments you'll make in a while. Don't miss out on the opportunity, it's worth every penny!
2015-07-18, 22:22
I just finished the two week course and I am happy to report that I learned a lot. It was at an even pace and you will learn a lot so that you are able to know information when you are working as a bartender. Not only do the teachers provide the information but you are able to do some hands on training in a real bar set up. All teachers are knowledgeable with information and are able to answer any and all questions that you may have. I would really, really recommend taking the 2 week course and you won't regret it
Andy Magee
2015-05-10, 20:13
Hands down the most exhilarating course ever! Not only am I the life of the party, I now acquire a skill that can be used worldwide. Two thumbs up to the staff for making my experience a memorable one...YOU GUYS ROCK!! Last but not least, for those of you reading this, take the time to visit the school, ask questions and start a new chapter. MIXOLOGY = PRICELESS
2015-04-17, 11:20
I found this school and the teachers absolutely terrific. They were all professional bartenders, showing you exactly what to do and how to do it. You get to practice behind a real bar which helps beyond words. They were all extremely supportive and I can't say thank you enough for teaching me this skill. It's a great school where you can go and learn to be an actual bartender, the lessons interactive and the book easy to understand.
Donna Belcher
2015-04-16, 13:11
All I have to say is Wow. Having no experience except service and bar back, this course is definitely worth every penny and I am confident I will be earning it back plus some. The instructors are professionals and not only is the book easy to understand, there are drinks that are every day common ordered drinks that you get behind a bar and learn to make. Two weeks to become a bartender and they don't want you to fail, they let you know where the mistake is made and show you how to correct it. By the end, your confidence is there. I've been teased by friends about going to school, but honestly, I can't wait to get started in this new career and I've bragged about school and this turn in my life. They are top of the line, hold each of their students to a high standard and expect the best from everyone. I can't even begin to express my thanks for the new skills learned and will definitely live up to the name they want us to have.
Daniel Matthews
2015-03-30, 16:39
You will be surprised and impressed at how professional this experience is and how much information you can get out of a two week course. If you want to go straight to the bottom line, the staff is so tied into the business community they have dozens of companies working with them for their graduates. I was hired before I even finished the two week course, and I had no previous bartending experience!! Honestly I keep running into bartenders that talk bad about going to school for it, and I keep identifying mistake after mistake in the bartenders I see who just learned “on the job.” The staff is very skilled, and the information they deliver is science and industry based; then they hold you to a high standard. The cost and time invested is very low compared to other careers, I am absolutely thrilled I chose to attend this course and I’ve been hired by multiple companies since I graduated, working every week since. Thank you SA-BS!!
2015-03-16, 20:28
I attended the two week course, with no prior experience in bartending. The instructors are amazing, certainly there to help you succeed and make it look easy. Not to mention the method used to help recall the ingredients in the drinks, work extremely well. So if you are willing to put in the time and effort, I would certainly recommend you start here.
steven westfall
2015-03-10, 17:19
this is a amazing school that goes over everything needing to know I thought I knew what being a bartender was about but I was wrong and I came out of this school understanding and completely ready to take on anything
Bianca R.
2015-01-29, 15:07
Take this course! Its two weeks of your life that you will not regret. If you like to have fun, learn about new drinks and mixing options, and want to make decent $$, then this place is defiantly worth it. The instructors are friendly and very informative. Jackie is hilariously sarcastic (in a good way) and it just made my time at the school fly by. The perks you get are awesome! Where else are you going to get unlimited practice time, job placement, and people who honestly want to help you succeed? That’s right, nowhere!!! I will not hesitate to recommend PBSA to everyone I know (and those I don’t)!
Alejandro Andrade
2015-01-22, 00:19
I just finished the two week mixology course and without a doubt, this school made it easy. Success is no problem with the staff here, you'll easily enjoy the course while gaining a vast amount of knowledge.
Elijah Rodriguez
2015-01-20, 13:01
I thoroughly enjoyed both the atmosphere and the teaching style. The instructors take the time to make sure you understand what was covered in each lesson. It's even better when you're able to have one-on-one face time if you take the accelerated course. This course was definitely a good decision and I can't wait to put the skills I learned to use.
Christina Mercado-Venegas
2014-12-29, 20:36
I highly recommend taking this course if you want to work in the bartending industry. All the staff has so much knowledge and experience, that they are willing to share. Each day that I went to class I had a lot of fun and the instructors had great personalities, which made each lesson exciting. Once I graduated it meant so much how helpful and thorough they were with helping me find a job that suits my schedule and personality, I look forward to keeping in touch with them as I progress in my bartending career.
2014-12-26, 18:20
My experience was phenomenal, the teachers did an amazing job in explaining and guiding me to achieve high expectations and reach my ultimate goal.
Carl Sevier
2014-11-11, 03:04
As a recent graduate from the two week Premier Course, I can say that the professionalism and enthusiasm from the school helped to make the course a wonderful experience. From the very beginning the entire staff made the learning experience rewarding and worthwhile. It's a great investment into making a bartending career more successful and rewarding.
David Gadea
2014-10-27, 18:49
I am a recent graduate and my experience was great. The staff is really friendly and provides a lot of help. The establishment is well organized and has great equipment. I would recommend anyone that is looking to learn anything and everything about bartending to give the school a try. Thank you for the experience.
Monica Martinez
2014-10-22, 01:02
I can't even begin to say how amazing the staff is at SABS. I am new to not only the city but also the state. This was a course I wasn't to take to learn the city and meet new people. I found that just by attending SABS. This is a great place to enjoy learning as you meet other students on your same level. This is an experience I will hold onto for a long time. I can't wait to start my new journey as a Mixologist.
Susan Brennan
2014-10-15, 12:02
Best investment you will make towards your future, regardless of what career choice you make, bartending will always be a fun and easy way to make extra cash! With the knowledge and skill gained at San Antonio Bartending School, you will be head and shoulders above all other applicants!
Suchita Carter
2014-10-13, 16:36
I would like to say this school is so we'll worth the time effort and money. The staff is so amazing friendly and very helpful. They make job placement so easy like a walk in the park. I'm so ready to start working and enjoy making money... Thank you staff.
Mandy Arispe
2014-09-09, 12:50
Great place to learn how to bartend, I didn't know much when I started, now I am able to make multiple drinks at once, looking forward to meeting new bartenders, and making my own drinks!
Mario R Mercado
2014-09-02, 14:00
The premier mixology class was one of the best investments that I have made in a long time. Larry made the class fun and insightful. I would highly recommend people to take the two course! You will not be disappointed.
Amanda Munoz
2014-08-21, 15:56
I attended the 2 week bartending course and it was an awesome and fun experience. Teresa and Rachel were great and with all their knowledge of the bartending business I feel confident that I can become a great bartender. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a job in the bartending industry.
Michaela Terrell
2014-08-06, 09:24
I went to PBSA and took the two week course, and it was an amazing experience. The instructors we're amazing and really work with you and want you to succeed. I truly believe after attending this school you'll be able to easily compete with any one that's been in the bartending feild for years.
Veronica Rolland
2014-08-04, 18:51
I took the 2 week course so I wouldn't have to work as a server or barback for months to land a bartending job. Within my first 2 days I was making drinks more complex than most bartenders I've seen, and with little to no difficulty. By the end of the 2 weeks I could easily remember everything from simple recipes for highballs to intricate tall drinks without any hesitation. The staff is so helpful and fun to be around, Theresa was an awesome teacher! Every student gets individualized attention and no one is left out, no matter where they are in knowledge or learning speed. I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in bartending, whether professional or just to show off to their friends. Lots of fun and a great atmosphere!
Mell Miranda
2014-08-01, 13:49
I'm so thrilled I took the course at the SA Bartending school. I learned so much in such a short period of time and the instructors are AWESOME!! They made learning everything so easy and fun. Theresa was extremely down to earth and I felt as if I was taking a class with one of my best friends. I feel I am overly prepared to step out in the "real world" and start bartending. I can't thank the staff enough for such a wonderful learning experience in a phenomenal learning environment. I would HIGHLY recommend everyone who is even remotely interested in becoming a bartender to take this course.
Eddie gonzalez
2014-07-30, 14:17
The bartending school was fun and challenging at the same time.Our instructor Larry filled us with so much knowledge and personal on the job experience.Most of the time I felt like I was with my uncle helping me every step of the way. I learned so much. Very high level of serving and mixing technique. I loved it and will miss learning and laughing with Larry. Great experience for anyone.
Kaleb Smith
2014-07-28, 15:40
Awesome school with GREAT teachers. After these last two weeks with them I now feel over qualified for pretty much any bartending position. Thank you so much!
Codi Werner
2014-07-25, 21:52
This school was absolutely the best decision I could have made. They taught me not only recipes and mixing methods but how to be a great bartender. I learned how to interact with customers and small tips to increase income. After you graduate they don't just drop you they help you find a job at all points of your life. At this moment I have interviews in line at some amazing places all thanks to this school.
Valerie V.
2014-07-23, 16:11
Best investment I've made in awhile and definitely worth it! I went in with zero knowledge and finished with a whole new confidence and respect for the art of mixology. Staff was awesome with a great sense of humor and a lot of knowledge!
Michael Hernandez
2014-07-06, 13:05
Registering for the premier mixology class was one of the best experiences I had this summer! The class was fun and insightful. Larry, Rachel, and Theresa do such an amazing job at the school. I highly recommend joining. You will not be disappointed!
Marlyn M
2014-05-23, 10:23
At first I was a bit hesitant to attend a bartending school but I am very glad I did! Even with no previous bartending experience, I am very confident just after the two week course! It was a great course and the staff made it even better. I would definitely recommend this school to others who are looking to bartend!
Regina Martinez
2014-05-14, 11:35
ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC☆★☆★☆!!! That's what I have to say about the staff and this school. If u are thinking about bartending wether you have been one for years or totally brand-new to it this is where u gotta be to learn CORRECTLY!!! I recently graduated from the premier mixology course and I must say it was the best thing I could've done for myself. They have lived up to EVERY single thing they said they would. It's a real world atmosphere so you have no surprises going into the work place. So looking forward to making the real money now!!!
Kevin Kyle Laurente
2014-04-25, 21:45
Saying goodbye was so bittersweet, but I know that their teachings will assist me in my ventures out into the world of bartending. Upon entering the class room, I could tell I was going to have an awesome experience learning and practicing here. The program is first rate as much as its facilities, and not to mention the staff. Helpful and professional individuals who are always willing to assist and answer any questions. Having never worked behind the bar, PBSA prepared me and developed my confidence for what the real world will throw at me. Thanks Theresa, Jackie, Larry and Rachel!
Kera Roberts
2014-04-18, 20:53
The Professional Bartending school of San Antonio is great. Being a college student I needed a quick way to make good money and investing in this course was the right decision. The instructors made the class enjoyable. They know exactly what they are talking about, they taught the materials effectively, and I loved the hands on experience. I highly recommend this course it is definitely worth your time and money.
Gregory Mason
2014-04-11, 01:48
If you are serious about becoming a bartender then this school is worth your time and money. The staff is professional, friendly, and informative on what it takes to be a good bartender. They make the classes enjoyable and have the experience to train you properly. If you are looking to get your feet wet and be more prepared for your future job then I highly suggest you look into their programs.
Andrew Gould
2014-04-03, 13:11
I had a great time at this school I learned a lot about being a bartender and now feel confident behind a bar. I have a job with Perico's Mexican Restaurant as a bartender and I do private parties on the side. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is trying to make some good money. I am also a college student and the class times work perfectly with my schedule. I couldn't be any happier with the school.
darren dodson
2014-03-18, 18:24
This was honestly the most fun ive ever had going to school. The teachers know what their doing and the hands on lessons is a great way to. Learn the drinks. I recommend this school to anyone who is interested in bartending.
Aliyah Houston
2014-03-14, 10:41
Classes were always fun and something to look forward to going to each day. Loved the staff. They are very encouraging and informative. I am a college student and was just looking for a way to make good money with a schedule that works around my classes. It was an investment that I am glad I made. I would recommend the mixology course to everyone!
Thank you PBSA!!
Katherine Turner
2014-03-10, 22:06
I wanted to say thank you to PBSA!!! I have a new career that I am so excited about. I do not drink -- I did not even know what a bottle of Jack Daniels looked like. The instructor Theresa made me feel so at ease in what I was learning and she gave me the self esteem to understand all the ins and outs of bartending.

I am so happy that I have a new career path that I enjoy. Thanks again PBSA!
2014-03-10, 11:53
After making the decision to return to work after being a stay at home mom for 8 years, I wanted to pursue my desire to learn mixology & make a career out of it. Through research & school interviews I decided if you want to be the best then you should learn from the best, after all you get what you pay for, right? Well they didn't disappoint! I had absolutely no previous bar experience nor drink knowledge, however I received a wealth of knowledge & plenty of practice time to equip me with the confidence to move forward. When they say they are there to help you succeed. ..they absolutely are. Phones are answered, text messages are returned & time to chat is available. Invest in yourself & they will help you gain a hefty return.
2014-02-07, 15:58
I strongly recommend PBSA to anyone considering going into bartending. I have already recommended it to a few friends of mine. The staff is professional and friendly. In addition to teaching you proper bartending they offer personal experiences that are priceless. When you are finished with the course they also offer job placement and tips on finding the right job for you. The opportunity is too great to pass up!
2014-01-23, 16:53
I strongly encourage anyone that is interested in becoming a Bartender to take this Mixology course at PBSA. The staff gives you the professional aspects of bartending and give you a family welcoming. They go out of their way to help. I've met other alumni that have graduated from PBSA and they had no regrets! The staff are great team players! Learn, have fun and enjoy the great rewards. Thank You PBSA!
Angela Alcantara
2014-01-16, 23:32
I am a full time student and I needed to find a place to work that I would not only love but that I would be able to make money to live off of and the only thing I could think of was bartending. I just finished PBSA Premier Mixology course with Jackie and to say the least she was AMAZING the whole staff was. They were very helpful and walked me through every step. Not only do they train their students to be good bartenders they teach them everything they will need to know to be a knowledgeable mixologist. The education I received at PBSA will guarantee me big tips. I am now on my way to finding a job that I will love and it is all thanks to PBSA. They treat everyone with respect and we all had so much fun during class. I would recommend PBSA to anyone and everyone for the friendliness and great work ethics they all succeed on having.
Joe Dragich
2013-12-11, 19:36
When I decided to go PBSA for their Premier Mixology course, I was met with a great deal of criticism by friends, family, and acquaintances alike. "You don't need to go to school to be a bartender" and, "you won't get hired as a bartender after going there" were common remarks. Through all the negativity, I held onto the belief that PBSA would be my fast-track to becoming not just any bartender, but one with the confidence and knowledge necessary for success. And, they did just that; their professional, fun, and easy method of procedure provided me not only with the fine skills of this craft, but with a career. As a student of PBSA, my hopes and expectations were consistently exceeded, and I strongly encourage anyone interested in bartending to go nowhere else but to this excellent establishment!
Bradley Bellows
2013-12-04, 18:10
I am a very proud graduate of the San Antonio Bartending School! The classes were extremely thorough and ensured that I left the school with the knowledge to mix drinks at anywhere in the world. 10/10 would rate this school 10/10!
Amethyst Diaz
2013-11-28, 00:02
Tired of working minimum wage? So was I. This class was an invigorating breath of fresh knowledge. You wanna be a bartender? Go ahead and work your way up. If you wanna be a professional mixologist? This school is an education worth investing in. You will be reaping the benefits for a lifetime to come.
Joe M.
2013-11-15, 13:51
Amazing course. Helpful amazing staff. Wonderful experience overall.
Michael Smith
2013-11-06, 23:26
Honorably Discharged from the military and had trouble finding a job as soon as I got out. I had no experience as a Bartender or any knowledge of serving beverages such as mixed drinks. After completing the fifty(50) hour course of Premier Mixology, I now have a good foundation and confidence to bartend. The school"s job placement program is extremely helpful and a must. I give this school and the professional Staff a 5 out of 5 star review.
2013-11-04, 15:51
The class was awesome! Everyday brought something new and valuable to the table. The instructors are great and they teach you everything you need to know to be a mixologist. I am very glad that I took this course I had a great experience.
Zachary McKee
2013-11-03, 19:05
I recently graduated from this school and had a blast each day. The staff breaks down everything and makes the material easy to learn. Having this school on my resume put me above other candidates and I was hired within 2-3 weeks of job hunting. I would recommend to anyone who wants an edge as a bartender. 10 out of 10
2013-10-10, 12:03
Just finished my school at PBSA. What a great course really enjoyed it and loved the way the course is taught. I have already worked 2 private parties. Life is good. Thank you to all the staff at PBSA.
S. L.
2013-09-18, 17:52
I just finished my 2 weeks' class and I totally enjoyed it. The instructors are informative and responsible. You will learn all the important stuff of being a successful bartender. Definitely recommend!
Renee Laque
2013-09-18, 14:56
I am so glad I signed up for the course, they are such an amazing staff that is ready to help you become a mixologist. They work with you and have a sense of humor, it didn't feel like school at all!! I got to learn so much in such a short amount of time and for a small price.
Great school, staff, and experience!!
Sabrina Paladini
2013-08-22, 15:12
This class was amazing! I had an awesome and enthusiastic teacher who knew what she was talking about! At first I was worried but the teachers take it step by step and explain everything you need to know. It's amazing how it only takes two weeks for the mixology class and you learn so much! Thanks PBSA for teaching me and encouraging me to do what I've always wanted to!
Cali Newman
2013-08-20, 18:08
This school is awesome. A lot of knowledge for a small price. Everyone is very enthusiastic and nice and overall welcoming. Theresa is an AMAZING instructor and makes going to class fun and easy. Everyone is upbeat. It was an awesome expierience and I'm so glad I made the choice to go to this school!
2013-08-05, 14:13
I absolutely loved this school!!
I went in knowing nothing about bartending. and by the end of the 2 wks I learned so much!
instructors are awesome and they work with you. I had so much fun, great experience!
2013-08-03, 13:37
If you want to guarantee that you will get a job in bartending,attend this school! The instructors are knowledgeable and make the classes fun! The book you receive is one you will refer to after you start working. The hands on learning in the bar is valuable and will help you get comfortable serving drinks. I wish I had signed up for the school when I first thought about it a couple of years ago!
2013-08-03, 13:28
I am so thankful I signed up for the school. You will learn by the best to be the best professional in this field. The instructors are knowledgeable and make the class fun! There also is a full bar available to you to practice and become comfortable when you start working. The textbook that you receive is one others will want from you! I previously had been told not to attend the school,what a mistake! I wished I had signed up when I first thought about it. I will continue to keep in touch with the school for job placement or to buy supplies (they also sell bar kits and all supplies you need). The best bartenders in our city are from this school!
Deon Bez
2013-08-03, 13:13
After some research I came to the conclusion that Professional Bartending School of San Antonio was the school with the higher standard in the city, and it showed the first day I was there. During my two week, 50hour course I was very impressed by the professionalism and thoroughness of the school. You will be hard pressed to find better instructors anywhere. I graduated feeling very confident about going into my first job. I would recommend anyone who is serious about becoming a bartender to enroll at PBSSA. July 2013
2013-08-01, 10:15
This school is really helpful to people trying to learn a new trade. The teachers and staff were really great and overall made this a great experience for me. This course made me more confident to be behind the bar and they helped me get my first interview today! :D
Zachary Pronesti
2013-07-23, 22:50
What an amazing two weeks ! The school is worth every cent! The instructors are amazing and really care about making sure you have all the tools to be successful outside of the school. The unlimited bar time is awesome. The text book is incredibly in depth but simple when it comes to studying. I am so happy that i took this class as i went from knowing not much about being behind the bar to having a wealth of knowledge and being completely confident in my bartending abilities! Do yourself a favor and take the class you wont be disappointed!
francisco rios
2013-07-19, 12:38
I just want to thank everyone at the Bartending school the right way to be a great bartender. Their open door policy to practice and layed back atmosphere made me want to go to class! How many schools can say that. Now I have the confidence and skill set to become a great bartender. Thanks.
2013-07-17, 13:50
This school gives you an opportunity to learn and experience bartending in a fun way. It is very informative and the Manager to the instructors are very professional and pleasant to know and will work with you to make you successful. I highly recommend this course.
Daniel Leyva
2013-07-09, 19:50
This is a great school. Great management and teachers. I enjoyed the learning prosses and training. Recommend for everyone who are looking to start there career in bartending.
2013-06-26, 22:51
Had a great time learning, very interesting and great instructors!!
Joseph LeGer
2013-06-18, 16:38
I took the 2 week course and was amazed at how friendly and passionate the instructors were, everyday I looked forward to the next class. By far the best school around if you want to be a bartender!
Makayla Mortensen
2013-06-13, 17:58
This school is amazing!! The instructors really help you out, and they work with you very well. They are flat out amazing people. Regardless of which class you are taking, you will be able to learn what you came there for, and so much more. They help prepare you to the best of their ability, and the text book they give you is phenomenal. I could not have asked for a better experience.
Cindy Bejarano
2013-05-24, 14:06
This school is a must!!! Regardless of the program you take you will receive a lot of useful information and tips that will benefit you later on in your bartending career. Rachel is so welcoming and very helpful. Russel was my instructor for the bartending course and was so helpful and was a really good teacher. Explained everything very thoroughly and was very outgoing, he would let give us "pearls" as he would call it, on how to become a better bartender. Theresa was so nice and really helped with the job placement and any question that I had or worry she would have the answer to. I am glad I took the course and was well worth it!!!
Ethan Haycraft
2013-05-22, 16:08
This is a great class to participate in, and Theresa is an extremely informative instructor.
I strongly recommend this course to anybody who wants to further their knowledge of mixology.
joe wiest
2013-05-01, 16:51
this course was awesome. the instructors were very knowledgeable, fun, and very enthusiastic. everyday in class was an absolute blast. this school really has their stuff together and lesson planning is on point. I came out of PBSA feeling like a pro. I even went to a few bars since and all you can do is watch the bar tenders and critique how they do things and know that you would do an even better job. Also when you have to tell the other bar tender how to make a drink for you, you know that this training was worth it. Im gonna miss everyone there. best learning experience ever.
2013-04-28, 13:47
First and Foremost, You have to take this class just to see how fun it is. The staff at PBSA make learning a new skill trait fun and exciting. The trainers Theresa and Russ are top notch instructors and better people. They make you feel very welcome and are always there to help. I cannot wait to put all the stuff I learned at PBSA to work! Thanks again. It was awesome!
Casey Kalin
2013-04-14, 23:16
Professional Bartending school of San Antonio was a great placed to learn the craft, the staff has a ton of bartending experience and will teach you exactly what you will need to know to get a job and succeed in this field. The school has 6 bar stations to practice on and was a great place to practice and learn. Thanks for the help guys!
Casey Kalin
Jeramie Garcia
2013-04-11, 17:33
this school is Awesome! its super fun and you really get to learn a lot! the real experience i got to have was superb. actually using the bottel was the biggest part for me, getting the first hand experience with pouring and mixing is priceless. i really recommend this school to anyone who wants to become a true professional bartender!!!
Sierra Edgar
2013-04-08, 19:42
I am a recent graduate of PBSA and I have nothing but great things to say about the school, instructors, and the owner, Rachel. She was completely professional and at the same time, very accommodating of my schedule, and sweet. She really goes the extra mile for the students!! Russ and Theresa were amazing instructors. It was incredibly helpful to be able to watch them create the drinks, follow along in the textbook, and then practice them each myself. I was timid when I began the course but upon completion I actually felt confident about my new skill set. I am happy that I decided to attend PBSA and can't wait to get behind the bar!!!
Joe hurst
2013-03-23, 15:15
I have made my own drinks at home for years, but the staff at PBSA gave me speed and confidence to try to work making others drinks. With a little help from the job placement coordinator, I am starting this week. Failure is not an option, The staff at PBSA will help you ensure success.
Clarissa Lazo
2013-03-21, 16:01
PBSA is a superb school. You learn a great deal of drinks in a short amount of time. The "bar" atmosphere/classroom made the experience very natural when practicing how to make drinks. More importantly, the owner Rachel was so patient and helpful during the enrollment process. Their teaching staff is friendly and always willing to help you along the way. I would definitely recommend at least taking a tour of the school and talking with Rachel if you are thinking about Bartending.
Amber N.
2013-03-19, 17:52
Awesome school and staff! Made it easy to understand, program wasn't too fast or too slow but nice paced. Phenomenal personable and knowledgeable instructors. Had a great time!! Highly recommend!
Nicole Aguilar
2013-03-01, 14:25
With no bartending experience, I was a little nervous to start the class. But it was very informative and fun, and actually working behind the bar made it so much easier to learn. Staff is also great, highly recommend PBSA.
Blanca Brown
2013-01-31, 21:25
I completed my two week class and it was AWESOME. The two instructors, Russ and Larry were very informative, fun and honest about their experiences in the bartending world. You will learn more than you ever thought you could have known in bartending. Rachel and Theresa are the BOMB, they will hook you up with the path to get it all started. Awesome Job Ladies! I recommend this course to anyone who wants to try the bartending scene. It will be worth it.
Jorge Reyes
2013-01-24, 20:15
The decision to take this class has by far been the best. Not only did I learn a lot and feel prepared to take on any job, I met a bunch of awesome people during this class. The instructors are best, they make you feel welcome and treat you like family. This is the place to go if you need a change of pace in your life.
Brian J
2013-01-23, 17:28
I just completed the two week premier mixology course at PBSSA. This course gives you all of the necessary skills and education required of today's professional grade mixologists/bartenders. They cover the basics and all of the advanced drink recipes that are needed to succeed. Thank you Rachel, Russ and Theresa for making things fun and enjoyable!!!
2013-01-22, 13:50
PBSA was so much fun! I passed on a Monday and was hired 2 days later at one of my fav bars! The staff was great too! I would recommend PBSA to anyone who is serious about bartending.. :)
Jennifer Harris
2013-01-15, 18:01
Very fun and welcoming. I came in with no experience and was nervous, but the atmosphere and patience of the instructors really helped and turned it into a fun and easy learning environment. I recommend this school. They show you not only how to a bartender, but also how to be a professional. They continue to help you after the course is over and it is appreciated.
Aaron tijerina
2013-01-14, 00:15
I just wanted to say the school was awesome and I learned more than what I could have ever expected. The instructors were great and really knew what they were talking about. I want to thank everyone down at the school and want them to know they have paved the way for so many oppurtunities that are sure to come my way
2013-01-03, 19:27
The staff is awesome they are very knowledgeable and super friendly. You get a sense that they really want you to succeed. Even if you have absolutely no clue about bartending give it a shot they will confidently prepare you.
Roxana Reyes
2013-01-01, 15:36
The staff has been great since day one. Always professional and very helpful. The hours and dates for the classes are very flexible. I have recommended my friends to attend this school. I had a great experience while attending the school and even after i graduated, they are still there for me. Thank you
Andrea H
2012-12-02, 16:14
Had so much Fun it didn't even feel like "school"!!! The staff was very friendly and eager to help with any questions/concerns! Best 2 week investment in my future I've ever made!! Truly changed my outlook on my life tremendously! Thanks again!!
Mario T.
2012-11-28, 19:27
I just finished the Premier/Mixology course, and I am impressed. I went for the free tour and was hooked. The school offers a real life simulation of a bar, and guides you step by step on how to become a professional bartender. I would highly recommend PBSA because of the friendly staff, clean environment, and methods of teaching.
Marissa B.
2012-11-27, 21:36
San Antonio Bartending School was awesome. The Instructors are not only nice but also real professionals. I liked the techniques they used for memorization and i really enjoyed the open bar time. I will definitely recommend this school to all of my friends. At first bartending seemed hard but now its fun and addicting. On top of that they have their very own published text book that has EVERYTHING there is to know about bartending/mixology. I enjoyed every part of it and would do it again. Thanks PBSA
Shelby A.
2012-11-14, 18:32
I just graduated from the Premier/Mixology course, and I have to say that the two weeks spent at PBSA were the most fun in a learning environment that I've had in quite some time. Rachel, Theresa, Larry and Russ were great to be around, and always there to answer any question I had. I'd say that if you're thinking about becoming a bartender/mixologist, this is definitely the place togo......Thanks guys!!!
2012-10-19, 13:34
PBSA was a wonderful experience for me! Before signing up for the class, I was a little skeptical, but quickly realized the school was the real deal. The class was a challenge, but most of all, applicable to the real world. I feel very prepared to step into any bartending position. Theresa was an awesome instructor who truly had her students interest at heart. If you're looking to get into bartending, I would highly recommend PBSA to start. I graduated on a Friday and was called to work an event the following weekend. I know that I will never regret my decision and hope to continue to work with PBSA in the future.
Mary Van Meter
2012-10-19, 11:27
I am a recent graduate of PBSA and I have to say that this was the best 2 weeks I've had in a long time.

From the moment I walked in and talked with Rachel, she made me feel at ease and that she had confidence in me. Theresa was a hoot!!!! She is a GREAT instructor. She made you laugh and enjoy what you are doing. She was extremely helpful when it comes to getting you ready for testing....but it's up to you to study. They don't just send you out the door when your done with your course, they help you to find the jobs that are out there.

I work a full time job, so being able to attend the evening classes was very helpful. There are all walks of life in each of the class. You get to meet a lot of people and make some new friends along the way.

I can't tell you enough that this is an opportunity you don't want to pass up. Thank you again to Rachel and Theresa!!!!!
Christopher Rigal-M
2012-10-18, 22:37
San Antonio Bartending School was i great and useful investment. I became a certified "Mixologist" i had fun while doing it and the learning process was easy. But when it get's even better it's when you train behind the counter, believing your a real bartender when its just been the very first time handling bottles! Do yourself a favor and visit them for information.

-Christopher Rigal-M
james lockey
2012-10-15, 12:17
I think the school is great all the teachers were really nice and helpful made it pretty easy to learn the drinks while having the bar there to use the whole time. I would say for anybody who's looking to get into bartending this is the place to go!
Brianna Platt
2012-09-18, 09:16
I had an awesome experience at the Bartending School here in San Antonio. The staff was great and learning was actually fun! It almost went by too fast. I recommend it to anyone who wants true bartending knowledge and experience!!
Chuck warren
2012-09-11, 13:16
If you are looking for a bartending school to learn the art of mixoligy, you owe to yourself to see what pbsa of San Antonio has to offer you as a student. you'll walk out of there, with the skills and confidence, to go into any establishment and get right to work, in a career, that is fast paced, and profitable. I cannot thank PBSA of san antonio, Rachel, Theresa, and Sara, enough for the service and expertise they provided to me and all my classmates.
Courtney Allen
2012-08-29, 10:42
This school has really been a great experience!! The facilities are awesome and the staff is friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable!! I would recommend this school to ANYONE and EVERYONE!!!!
George Laurel
2012-08-24, 10:44
Attending professional bartending school was an excellent experience. The staff is very professional and make learning mixology an easy and fun experience.I was amazed at how much I learned in the two weeks of classes. As much as I learned it is not overwhelming. If you have any reservations put them to rest, you will not be sorry. Attending this class will be fun, exciting, and educational!
Ricky P
2012-08-07, 16:07
I could think of no better way to learn how to bartend than PBSA. The instructors there are amazing and do everything they can to get you to succeed. In two short weeks I went from someone who could barely tell the difference between vodka and scotch to a confident and knowledgeable mixologist ready to become part of the bartending industry. The small classes offer hands on instruction along with a fun and casual environment to learn. I would recommend anyone who wants to be a serious bartender to PBSA!!!
Anita Stillwell
2012-08-01, 20:15
KUDOS to PBSA of San Antonio!! My personal thanks and gratitude goes towards; Theresa, Rachel and Larry for your patience and knowledge and love for bartending.
The wonderful staff took someone like me from being nervous and with absolutely NO knowledge of bartending, to a confidence and knowledgeable Mixologist (not just another Bartender). They made the experience fun and relaxing in an atmosphere where you want to learn and keep learning. THANKS!!!
2012-06-22, 21:58
No dobt, the best school for bartending. PBSA, haves everything you need to succeed in becoming a true mixologist.
2012-05-27, 11:14
I begin with my Gratitude to the team of the school and the whole school starting at Ratchel , Sara and Threasa , they will help anyway the can , you are great , i went to the school with ZERO KNOWLEDGE about drinks and alcohol and now i am mixologiest , and i work in very nice place , all the favor go back to this school, i was very unsure about paying the money for the 2 weeks class , but i did , and on the first day working i made almost half what i paid , plus A LOT OF FUN , certainly worth the investment can't wait for them to come visit me at work .
Richard Korbar
2012-04-27, 16:47
PBSA San Antonio is awesome!" With little experience behind the bar they will teach you everything you need to know at a well paced speed that is perfect for people just starting. They gave me the skills to move up from barback to bartender to manager within a few months. The instructors are amazing and will do whatever they can to help you through. I have already and will again refer friends to this school.
Steven Aguirre
2012-04-20, 09:14
PBSA IS AWESOME!!!!! WHY? I'm going to tell you why! I looked into the course with Next to Zero knowledge of being A Bartender/Mixologist( let alone knowing what a Mixologist even was!) Now, after taking thier Premier/Mixology course, I have the Knowledge and Confidence to walk behind ANY Bar and know that my performance will be SUPERB! But that's not all folks!! LOL! Seriously, The Team at PBSA taught me that it's not just pouring drinks, It's an art form that you can take pride in knowing what your talking about AND Having fun while being the BEST. Everything that you need to know and tools that you will need,YOU WILL get here at PBSA, With Job Placement Nationwide! Yes that's right NATIONWIDE!!! I Truly want to Thank Rachel, Sara, and Theresa for The Knowledge, Experiences, and Tips that they Shared to help make me The Mixologist I am today!!!
Jackie Snow
2012-04-18, 09:14
This school is AMAZING! Not only are all of the ladies working there incredibly sweet, they are all there to help you succeed! I was very nervous going to the school because I had NO bartending experience at all, but the day that I graduated I had 2 jobs for private parties and got a job at a local bar less than a week later! It was the best investment I've ever made (and it will pay itself off in less than a month for me!!) They live up to the school's name... PROFESSIONAL!
Jon Barrera
2012-04-16, 09:15
PBSA is a great environment to learn how to bartend. The teaching staff allows you to have fun as you learn the basic fundamentals of bartending. There was never a dull moment with my instructor Theresa. I was intrigued on the personal experinces the staff had to share with their students. Their personal insight painted a vivid picture of my future as a bartender. I can honestly say that I learned a lot from this experience. If you're looking to learn and have fun at the same time then PBSA is the place for you!
2012-04-06, 09:16
If you're looking for the best way to break into bartending, Pro Bartending School of S.A. is where its at. The instructors truely set you up for success; not just through excellent instruction, but by giving you career insight that you just won't find anywhere else. Within a few short weeks, I received everything I needed to gain an edge on the competition. Sara and Theresa know the industry inside and out...take advantage of it! The flexibility, professionalism, and personality of the team make it an ideal educational opportunity for ANYONE. My recommendation...if you want to break into bartending, the proven method and BEST WAY to go is P B S of S A!
Lynne Goolsby
2012-03-30, 09:17
PBSA was a great experience. The knowledge and professionalism of the staff and instructors is evident from the moment you walk into the school. They all want to make sure you leave there with the knowledge and tools you need to be successful. In addition, PBSA was able to allow me to schedule classes around my work schedule. I left the school knowing I had gained knowledge that went beyond that of the average bartender, they cover every aspect of the business and you leave there with skills you didn't realize you needed to give you that edge. I would defintely recommend PBSA to anyone looking to get into bartending on a professional level.
Robbie Griego
2012-02-29, 09:18
A month ago I inquired with PBSA to obtain information regarding there school and how there job placement works. The enrollment process was very easy to understand and the payment options were a plus. They assisted me with different class schedule opportunities and helped me understand what the difference was between being just a bartender and a mixologist. The classes are very small in ratio, which provide more of a 1 on 1 teaching experience. PBSA also had the class for TABC included in there class schedule for you to be certified before you graduate. Also knowing that they offer job placement was a bonus, and to know if I move they are nationwide is great. Thank you Sarah, Theresa and Rachel for the PBSA experience.

PBSA Graduate
D. Hernandez
2012-02-17, 09:19
PBS San Antonio and its staff are awesome! As a recent graduate from the Premier/Mixology Course, I now have the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the bartending industry. I’m well on my way to starting a new, exciting career and business venture. Thanks, PBS San Antonio!
Brandon Romo
2012-02-16, 09:19
PBSA is hands down one of if not the best bartending schools to join. The environment is great with wonderful instructors that will gladly help to achieve your bartending goals. There is endless opportunities with the knowledge gained by taking this course and the knowledge gained is something that you can have and use for the rest of your life. Much thanks to PBSA for taking the time to share and spread their knowledge of investment I have made yet.

Oh and a big shout out to my instructor Thersea for making the class worth while and lots of fun just how it should be :) much thanks.
Louis Echivester
2012-02-07, 09:20
Anthnoi Rodriguez
2011-12-30, 09:22
Professional Bar tending school is one of the best decision I have made. The money I paid to enroll into the school; I made that back in two weeks.(PBSA)

The school teaches a variety of techniques that will help your money intake. And the Staff is AWESOME..this school is definitely a opportunity that should be

taken advantage of and its literally a recession proof trade . With the job Placement program its almost a guarantee that you will start working asap a little after

you graduate.

Tom N.
2011-12-22, 09:23
I recently graduated from PBSA and would like to recommend to anyone who is thinking about a career change or another income stream in the Bartending field not to hesitate to attend this school. PBSA covers all aspects of the bartending field from becoming professionally trained mixologist, intense practice and testing to job placement assistance. The atmosphere is educational, structured and the staff is 100% professional, it will be an investment well spent.
Christine N.
2011-12-22, 09:22
I have nothing but praise for the Professional Bartending School of San Antonio. The staff at the school were very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable! Even after graduation the staff is still willing to assist me in any way they can. I would tell anyone young, old, experienced or not to go to this school, it will leave you with a sense that you are ready, willing and able to achieve all my goals in the bartending world. I feel confident and well informed!
Paula Jones
2011-10-27, 09:24
I recently graduated from the school and couldnt be happier. It was intense but the staff are committed to helping you succeed. The atmosphere was relaxed and there was alot of hands on training. They also assist with job placement which is awesome. Even after graduating they continue to have an active interest in your progress and make themselves available for any assistance you may need. This is one of the best investments I have ever made. Thanks to the staff at PBSA. You are successful because you help your students to succeed.
Paula Jones
2011-09-11, 00:00
This was an awesome school and I got a lot out of it. Definately worth the investment.
Jay Laurence
2011-09-01, 09:25
Looking for a new career? Become a bartender. You get to meet people, make them comfortable, provide a “party” atmosphere and make a good living in the process.

The problem? Finding a good place to learn your new trade.

Professional Bartending School of San Antonio is the place for your education and to begin your path to happiness. From the minute you walk through the doors you’ll feel at ease. The two-week course is challenging, fun and very comprehensive.

Having trouble? Not a problem. Everyone affiliated with the school is there to help you in every way. They pride themselves with providing the right atmosphere to train, do whatever they can to assist in job placement and know their investment in you guarantees the continuation of the school (you’ll refer people you meet or know to them).

Put another way – reputation is everything. We, as bartenders, rely on that reputation to build a following and obtain employment. Professional Bartending School of San Antonio prides themselves on their reputation to teach you what you need to know to make a vast majority of the drinks requested of your customer base, supports you to learn it, provides employment opportunities and most importantly, assists you with any problems along the way.

Don’t hesitate another second! Let Rachel, Theresa, Sara and Larry take you down the path. They are great people dedicated to YOU.

Jay Laurence
PBSA graduate – august 19, 2011.
Sylvia G.
2011-08-30, 09:26
I just graduated from PBSA and I can see that it was a great invesment in my future, the Premier Mixology course shows you more than just drink recipes and to put it together. They teach how to set up and take down your area, to the right glass to use, and they teach good memory techinques also. The staff is really nice and easy to get along with, they help with any questions and help with job placement once you graduate and having them in my resume has really helped. Thank you Theresa, Sara, and Rachel y'all are awesome!
Michael Castaneto
2011-08-20, 09:27
I just recently graduated from the Premier Mixology Course at PBSA and I highly recommend anyone to take this course. I had attended an ABC Bartending School in San Diego, CA a few years ago and it had no comparison to PBSA. At PBSA the minute you walk in to even just tour the place, you are welcomed with kindness and open arms like you are already family, most places don't even do that. PBSA taught you so much more about Alcohol in general, i.e. How its brewed, the temperature to store/pour it at. I had no idea that there were actually certain ways to do that. It also teaches you alot in the 2 weeks that you are there. The staff was Great! While you are practicing behind the bar, they had the music blasting so that it actually felt like you were at a bar. This is a fast paced course with a lot of information to cover, however, just have fun with it and you will do just fine. Thank you so much Theresa, Sara, and Rachel you guys are Awesome! I am proud to have spent my money on such a great school and I hope do go out there and do great things with everything that I have learned and will be sure to keep in touch with you guys!
Erik Phillips
2011-08-18, 09:29
tomorrow is graduation day for my Premier Mixology Class.. I have dabbled in bar tending in the past and have come to realize i knew absolutley nothing about the buisness.. I am very confident in my new found skills.. i am looking forward to start my new career as a bar tender now.. The best part of the school is the instructor. the work with us so much that the course was a breeze.. Thank you very much Rachel and Sarah, couldn't have done it without yall. Looking forward to the future.
2011-08-09, 09:31
I just finished the Premier Mixology course at PBSA and I feel completely prepared to bartend anywhere, from hotels to nightclubs, even private parties. As a full time student the 2 week course was ideal, and flew by. Not only did I learn alot, the classes were fun too and the classroom is basically like being in a bar. I was so scared I wouldn't do well the first day, but Theresa was a great instructor. Thank you Theresa, Sara, and Rachel for all of your help. :)
Jamie Coleman
2011-07-22, 12:19
I just graduated from mixology school and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a great bartender. Bartending is not just opening a beer or pouring liqour and coke in a glass. It's knowing what flavors and what types of alcohol go well together to make a great drink. At the san antonio school I learned everything from the proper way to pour a delicious lager, to making scrumptious mix drinks to making tasty shooters. You also learn how liquor and beer are made and what makes each unique. For example, did you know that grenadine is made from pomegranite not cherry?? OR that whiskey made with 51% corn is called bourban and whiskey made with 51% rye is called rye whiskey?? OR the difference between sparkling wine and champagnes is all champagnes must come from the champagne region of France, otherwise it is considered a sparkling wine??
So let me ask you want to be a great bartender or not? If your answer is yes (and it definently should be) you need to get enrolled right now!! You will learn everything you need to know to become a great bartender and start showing me the money!!!
Also, on top of all this the instructors are AWESOME and they will make your learning experience a once in a lifetime event.
Thanks Theresa, Sara and Rachel ya'll rockd my socks off, I cant wait to get started!!!:))
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